Hello love,

If you are feeling lost in your hormonal health journey, overwhelmed with the amount of information out there, at the end of your rope with trying every new and trending band-aide fix -

This one's for you.

Return to Eden is a 6 module course, devotionally created to provide you with a rooted solution to hormonal imbalance. This exact framework is what I have taken hundreds of clients through, and have the stories to prove its success.

Built on the framework of both eastern and western medicine, my signature methodology combines mind, body, and spirit for long lasting results and feminine wisdom that will last a lifetime.

In this course, you will learn to:

Uncover the emotional root cause of digestive distress, liver imbalance, adrenal fatigue, and hormonal imbalance

Heal your gut and build a robust digestive system

Live in accordance with your feminine cycle: with business, nutrition, and movement

Understand and deepen into relationship with your body

Incorporate daily detox strategies to minimize your toxic load 

Understand the Fertility Awareness Method as a natural alternative to birth control

Reduce and manage your stress response 

Embody your Future Self
Step into your feminine vitality

Are you ready to eliminate painful periods, acne, infertility, dis-ease, and mood swings for good?

I can help.

Maybe you...

  • Have tried healing your hormones from a conventional standpoint without much result
  • Are overwhelmed with all of the information out there and are looking for mentorship
  • Feel like you are doing all the right things yet still are imbalanced
  • Have irregular periods, heavy bleeding, acne, excess weight, hair loss, anxiety, or depression that surrounds your cycles
  • Feel like you're being called into a higher optimization of your body and are ready for transformation at the cellular level
  • Have depleted or excess amounts of stress hormones
  • Struggle with chronic dis-ease or imbalance
  • Are having trouble normalizing your hormones after getting off hormonal birth control
  • Have frequent digestive issues, bloating, and debilitating fatigue
  • Feel out of touch with your body’s innate intuition and knowing

What's Included

7 hours of teachings (valued at $4,000, NOW ONLY $1,135 with payment plans available)

6 modules covering everything that you need to balance your hormones

My signature healing blueprint addressing the gut, liver, spleen, adrenals, and more

Meal plans

All the VALUE at less than half the cost


Healing the Gut

Restoring the Liver

Soft Girl Detox Methods

Balancing the Kidneys

Mitigating the Stress Response

Creating Safety in the Body

Cyclical Living

The Fertility Awareness Method

By looking at hormone health and the emotional body as a whole - I help women heal in a way that sticks - by not only addressing the symptom, but the root cause.

My name is Rae.

I am a Hormone Coach, & Trauma-Informed Hypnotherapist.

I support women in the holistic restoration and embodiment of their feminine design - mind, body, and soul.

Symptoms such as acne, anxiety, hair loss, abnormal periods, and stubborn weight are all symptoms of underlying dis-ease.

By looking at hormone health and the emotional body as a whole - I help women heal in a way that sticks - by not only addressing the symptom, but the root cause.

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